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Methods of isotope ratio analysis

For the isotope ratio determinations, the samples are combusted by methods of the elemental analysis. The gases/ash (of metals) formed are/is separated and their/its isotope ratios are determined by means of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS). This procedure is preferably performed in the form of the multi-element isotope ratio analysis and leads to bulk δ-values of the samples. The data for the individual elements provide complementary information.

For defined chemical substances (aroma compounds, synthetic chemicals), the deuterium nuclear resonance spectrometry (2H-NMR) provides hydrogen isotopic patterns, containing quite detailed information on the compounds´ (bio)-syntheses. 13-C isotopic patterns of defined food components (ethanol, glycerol, ascorbic acid, malic acid) contain further essential information and can be obtained by defined degradation of the compounds.

Examples of products and questions to be solved

Wine, fruit juices
Fruit products
Fruits, vegetables
Honey, sweets
Meat, eggs
Milk products

Check of geographical and product specific origin (PDO, PGI and CSC*)
Proof of illegal or not indicated additions (sugar, acids, aromas, water)
Assessment of natural genuineness and assignment to conventional and organic production

Fish, deer Assignment to natural or farm production, respectively
Spirits, aromas, essential food ingredients Discrimination between natural, synthetic and nature identical products
Wood, cereals Identification of origin, proof of illegal imports
Synthetic chemicals Production process, proof of patent violation
Forensic material Geographical origin of organic exhibits
Prehistoric samples Food and nutrition of different civilisations

*PDO=Protected Designation of Origin, PGI=Protected Geographical Indication, CSC=Certificate of Specific Character;
according to EU-Definitions

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