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Laboratorium für Stabilisotopenanalytik
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Managing directors:
Dr. A. Roßmann
Amtsgericht: Ingolstadt HRB 10086
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About us

Managing directors


The isolab® GmbH company has been founded in 1999 by Dr. V. Ara, holder of the analytical food laboratory chelab Dr. V. Ara in Hemmingen near Hannover, and Prof. Dr. H.-L. Schmidt, former Professor of General Chemistry and Biochemistry at the TU München, and by Dr. A. Roßmann, former Assistant Professor at the same institution. The official seat of the company is Hemmingen, it is registered in the commercial register of the City of Hannover, whereas the laboratory is situated in Schweitenkirchen/Bavaria, next to company Hydroisotop GmbH.

The company is basing on the 30 years experience of Professor Schmidt in the fields of the fundamental and applied investigation with stable isotopes, among others in food analytics, and the many years` of cooperation with the food laboratory chelab Dr. V. Ara, a well-known commercial laboratory with the focal point fruit juice analysis.

In 2015, Dr. Ro▀mann took over the business shares from Professor Schmidt and has been the managing mirector at the laboratory in Schweitenkirchen since then. In 2020, Dr. Ro▀mann also took over the majority of shares from Dr. Ara and sole management. Since April 2021, Hydroisotop GmbH has been a shareholder in isolab GmbH, and Dr. Ara has left as a shareholder.

The company´s aim is to continue the research, development and application of the stable isotopes` analytics in the commercial area as initiated at the Technische Universität München. The practical work is under the direction of PD Dr. Andreas Roßmann.



For 25 years Prof. emeritus Dr. H.-L. Schmidt has been holder of the Chair for General Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Technische Universität München in Freising Weihenstephan. His main research topics have been fundamental investigation on the causes and correlations of isotope fractionations in biological in vivo systems, leading to isotope patterns of natural compounds. The results are published in more than 100 papers.

PD Dr. A. Roßmann has performed his PhD-thesis and his "Habilitationsschrift" at the same deparment, where he worked mainly on the analytical methodology of stable isotopes and on its practical application in food research. Since more than 20 years he is responsible for the analytical laboratory of the company "isolab® GmbH". Dr. Ro▀mann is a member of the GDCh-AG "Stabilisotopenanalytik", the ž64 working group "IRMS" and the CEN working group CEN/TC 460 "IRMS".

The Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH confirmes, company isolab GmbH has competence according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (D-PL-19390-02-00 - in German).



  • Fundamental research in the field of isotope analytics and biochemistry since 1965
  • Development of application in food quality analytics since 1980
  • Participation on national and international projects on stable isotopes analytics/methodology
  • Performance of analyses for national and international authorities and industrial associations


Managing directors

PD. Dr. A. Roßmann PD Dr. A. Roßmann

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